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Course Dates 2019
A Class Act—Monday, June 17, meeting each morning at 11:00 to noon through Saturday, June 22
Beginning Girls’ Etiquette—Monday, June 17, meeting each weekday afternoon from 1:30 to 2:30 through June 27. Graduation luncheon held Friday, June 28.
Boy’s Etiquette—Monday, June 17, meeting each weekday afternoon from 3:00 to 4:00 through June 27. Graduation luncheon held Friday, June 28.

Programs for Adults

Let’s face it—many of today's adults grew up in a different world than their parents. During the time we were growing up, etiquette seemed less important than it did for previous generations, so we either never received etiquette instruction or ignored it. Only now are we realizing what we missed.

 To make matters worse, we have two types of etiquette to deal with: social and business.

What's Proper? What's Improper?

When you eat out, what’s the proper way to eat bread? Spaghetti? Should you order a drink at lunch if the boss does? Should men open a door for the new female executive? Should they open a door for the boss’ wife? Must a woman wear hose? Just as we get the questions answered, more appear. That's because business etiquette is based on a different code of conduct than social etiquette and changes as business changes. Social etiquette changes much more slowly, but changes nonetheless.

 The Etiquette School of Birmingham (Alabama) can help you fill in the blanks with business training for professionals and social etiquette for a new millennium. 

Training Options Include:

• SEMINARS for busy executives who want to make sure they are projecting the most professional image possible. These seminars can be conducted on-site for several employees of the same company, or outside the company with participants from several different companies.

• ONE-ON-ONE consultations with executives at a time and a location of the executive's choosing.

• IN A COLLEGE SETTING, seminars for soon-to-graduate students who wish to round out their instruction with etiquette skills that will help them project a positive image at job interviews and in social situations as well as give students a heads-up on business etiquette once they land that first job.

• SOCIAL ETIQUETTE instruction for dinner parties and supper club gatherings.

Interview Etiquette for College Students

College graduates are streaming out of institutions of higher learning at record numbers with an eye on starting the perfect career. Yet the number of positions available to launch those young men and women on the careers of their choice are limited. Businesses are looking for bright, positive employees who know how to treat their coworkers, clients and prospective clients with respect. And that’s just what our Interview Etiquette for College Students seminar is all about.

We can show you the skills to make the positive first impression that can give you an advantage over similarly qualified applicants. These are the soft skills you'll need to get the job, get the client and--when the time comes-- get the promotion.  

In addition to information about appropriate career dress, respectful communication and networking skills, you’ll learn the all-important dining etiquette skills that can cinch the deal. 

Programs for 
Children and 

Give your child the tools to handle social situations with ease.

In today's fast-paced world, people who are able to handle social situations with poise have a built-in advantage as they achieve their life goals. The training for a child's successful future life begins early. As he or she learns academically and on the sports field, it's important not to miss other skills that are often overlooked.

Our programs increase children's awareness and self-confidence by teaching the crucial dining and social skills that play a large part in their development. 

Training Options Include

• A CLASS ACT, a six-class course for girls and boys in second through fifth grades. This course teaches the children how to make favorable first impressions with adults and other children, basic dining etiquette, conversation skills and telephone etiquette. Includes a multi-course dining experience. Small details make each student feel important. The six-class course will begin Nov. 12 and meet Saturday mornings from 11 a.m. to noon through Dec. 17. Cost of the course is $175. A desposit payment of $50 is due at time of reservation. To ensure children will feel as comfortable as possible, classes are held in my home with the exception of the last class, which will be held at a local restaurant.

• GIRLS' BEGINNING ETIQUETTE, a 10-class course for girls in sixth grade through high school. This course also focuses on making positive first impressions, with special attention on personal presentation that includes skin care, posture and clothing choices. A visit to a local department store and a multi-course meal are also part of this course.

• BOYS' ETIQUETTE, a 10-class course for sixth grade through high school that's packed with new information for young men. In addition to covering introductions and new situations, the boys will learn all-important dining skills, telephone etiquette skills, the art of writing thank-you notes and accepting and extending invitations. In addition to learning general social etiquette skills, they will visit a clothing store for information on choosing appropriate clothing for various situations (the father is invited to attend). This course also includes a multi-course meal.

• INTERMEDIATE GIRLS' ETIQUETTE is the second 10-class course for girls in the sixth grade through high school. Posture and walking, skin care and make-up, voice projection, the proper way to accept and extend invitations and  a discussion on what makes someone popular are class topics. Dining skills are continued with a restaurant dining experience and a speech.

• TEA PARTIES for young ladies who want the experience of “taking” tea with all their dear friends. Whether it's a mother-daughter get-together or a child's birthday party, we'd be delighted to help make the experience one to remember.

Interview Etiquette for High Schoolers

High school can be a wonderful yet busy time for young men and women. While making time for studying and socializing, many high school students also hold down part-time jobs to help fund college expenses or help out at home. And the experience they gain will be invaluable as they set sights on a lifelong career. Join us for a 60-minute seminar that will help you put your best foot forward in a job interview. Topics include 15 Tips for a Great Interview Experience and 15 Tips for a Disastrous Interview Experience, how to make a positive first (and lasting) impression, what to wear, what to bring and how to act respectfully in an interview. The seminar fee is $75 per student.

Kathie Martin
The Etiquette School of Birmingham (Alabama) is devoted to helping adults and youngsters gain the confidence and build a personal image that will mean success throughout their personal and professional lives.

For adults, business etiquette skills help:
• Get the job
• Earn the promotion
• Win the sale

For youngsters and teens, etiquette training provides:
• Confidence in new situations
• The skills to make positive first impressions
• Insight on the importance of a respectful demeanor

Kathie Martin, APR, is founder and president of the school and a veteran of more than 30 years in the corporate world as a communications professional. The etiquette skills she teaches come from her professional and personal experience. A graduate of The American School of Protocol and the mother of a 19-year-old daughter, she understands that learning etiquette is not a high priority in children's eyes.

The Etiquette School of Birmingham offers training to business professionals and children including social, business and travel etiquette as well as the etiquette of taking tea (below).

Tea Parties for the Young & the Not So Young

Think relaxing. Think yummy. Think civilized.

Think of the pleasures of "taking" tea in the British manner, served in real china teacups, with freshly baked scones, elegant tea sandwiches and decadent sweets, all accompanied by fine teas chosen to complement those foods.

The lost art of "taking" tea is becoming more and more popular in the 21st century and The Etiquette School of Birmingham is pleased to bring an afternoon tea fit for The Queen to your home. Hats and gloves optional.

A Birthday Tea Party for your Daughter
We'll prepare a birthday party tea for young ladies ages 6 to 12 that's a far cry from Teddy bear parties. While the youngsters enjoy delicious food prepared by classically trained chef Betty Terry, they'll learn about the history of tea and the proper etiquette of enjoying this afternoon treat from Etiquette School of Birmingham founder Kathie Martin. (Because the younger palate is more finicky, you'll be able to choose the treats served with allowances made for allergies.) We'll also include age-appropriate games and stories and a tea-themed goodie bag for guests. 

For You and Your Friends
When women come together over tea, something magical happens. Whether it's a church group or a gathering of friends, your guests will enjoy this afternoon tea filled with delectable delights, a sampling of teas and fascinating information provided by tea and etiquette professionals. Learn about the origin of tea, the difference between black, green, oolong and white teas, brewing times, etc. Sit back, relax, and let us serve you. We've reserved the antique china for you, and we are committed to making this a wonderful experience for all involved.

Contact us at 205-222-0932 to arrange your next gathering.

Who have we worked with? A partial list

State of Alabama Department of Justice Probation Office
State of Alabama
The Berney Group
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama
The Boatright Companies
Capital Strategies Group
Integrated Medical Systems (ims)
Luckie & Company
Soggy Bottom Lodge
The Prism Group
The Red Hat Society, Southern Conference
Regions Financial Corporation
Southern Company
Verizon Wireless
Warren, Averett, Kimbrough & Marino (WAKM Companies, LLC)
Whittelsey, Whittelsey & Poole, P.C.

Educational Institutions

Pickens Academy
Birmingham-Southern College School of Business
Samford University, McWhorter School of Pharmacy
Miles College
Springhill College
The University of Alabama
The University of Alabama at Birmingham – Kappa Gamma Chapter
The University of Montevallo – Chi Omega Chapter
Monroe County Education Foundation


Albert L. Scott Library
Growing Kings Program
The Birmingham Bar Association, Women Lawyers Section
The Sweetheart Guild


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